Do Your Beneficiaries Know Where All of Your Financial Accounts are Located?

If something happened to you, would your spouse, children, or other loved ones know where your financial accounts and other assets are located and how to access them?

In addition to collecting a life insurance benefit, a related financial concern for loved ones you leave behind is knowing where all your other financial accounts and assets are located and what financial advisors they will need to contact.

Should an insurance claim ever need to be made, as a key contact of your beneficiary we are in a unique position to help them through a financial transition period following your disability or death.

As such, we invite you to use our online financial inventory worksheet to create a list of your financial accounts and assets, and where they are located, and we will securely store this information for you and your loved ones (alternatively, you can print and store this worksheet yourself). This way you can have peace of mind that your loved ones will know where all your financial accounts and assets are located and what other financial advisors they will need to contact.

As part of our company's mission to help individuals and families become financially secure for life, we are pleased to offer you this complimentary service to make sure the problems of missing, misplaced, unknown, and unclaimed assets don’t affect you and your family.

Click here to complete your financial inventory worksheet.