Protect Your Retirement with CEG Life Insurance Services

Will your money last as long as you do?

If you’ve ever used a retirement calculator, you probably have been surprised by how much retirement savings you will need to cover your living expenses and healthcare. This doesn’t even include any travel or activities you might be looking forward to enjoying. Besides annual IRA contributions and any workplace 401k, you might be looking for more peace of mind with guaranteed retirement savings. Especially if you have already maxed out these options and are looking for safe investments with available liquid assets. CEG Life Insurance Services has a couple of different options to maintain and increase a healthy retirement income portfolio.

Retirement Annuities

Retirement annuities can be a safe and sure way to guarantee retirement income as opposed to other investments. When you consider the volatility of the stock market, company share prices and dividends, finding options with guaranteed distribution can be a better alternative or diversification to a current portfolio. Various options can give you a tailored plan that works for you in terms of payment terms and rates. CEG Life Insurance Services can work with you to find the best options for you and your family if you are:

  • Concerned about outliving retirement assets
  • Interested in secured monthly payouts
  • Needing guaranteed lifetime income
  • Looking for tax-deferred growth
  • Close to retirement age and looking for more ways to invest without risk

Retirement Annuity Options

  • Fixed Annuity – A fixed annuity can basically be described as a bank certificate of deposit. The carrier of the annuity is guaranteed a predetermined interest rate over a period of time, such as five years. When that period ends, the payout will be an interest rate tied to investments. The benefit of a fixed annuity is that it provides predictable income.
  • Indexed Annuity – These annuities have a variable interest rate tied to the value of a stock market index and the changes therein. An indexed annuity usually has a protection built in so that there is a minimum payout rate even if the stock index goes down. However, on the flip side the maximum earnings are usually capped even if the stock index is having a great year. Indexed annuities are a “safe” way to benefit from stock market gains without losing during the downturns.


The First Step Starts with Planning

With the right planning, retirement annuities can give you and your family peace of mind for the income to meet expenses. Call CEG Life Insurance Services for a review of your retirement portfolio. If you are looking where to invest for secure retirement income, annuities are a great option.

Whether you have maxed your 401k or IRA savings, or looking for stable payouts, contact CEG Life to learn more.