What Life Insurance Company Should I Choose?

As life insurance is as much about peace of mind as it is about financial security, you should be comfortable with the specific insurance company you choose to get a policy with.

We recommend looking at three factors when determining which life insurance company is best for you:

  1. Price: While you want life insurance in the event of your unexpected death, you certainly hope that your life insurance policy never has to pay out. So, when you do purchase a policy you want to pay as little money as possible for it, hoping that you are, in essence, “throwing your money away”; or, perhaps better put, just paying for peace of mind.
  2. Underwriting Standards: Companies assess health and risk factors differently and so you want to go with the company that will be most lenient in assessing your personal risk factors. Height/weight, family history, tobacco use, diabetes, driving history, scuba diving, etc., can be rated and priced very differently depending on the company.
  3. Financial Strength Ratings and Quality of Company: While all of the companies we work with have been around for a long time, are large companies, and have overall strong financial ratings, some companies are bigger, financially stronger, and better rated than others. You should choose a company with financial strength ratings that you feel comfortable with.

After reviewing prices, underwriting standards, and the financial strength ratings of various life insurance companies, we encourage you to choose a company that you feel comfortable will help provide you the peace of mind and financial security that life insurance is intended for.

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