Should I Use My Stimulus Check to Purchase Life Insurance?

If you do not currently own life insurance, and have loved ones who depend upon you financially, it would certainly be a wise use of part of your stimulus check to purchase a life insurance policy. While families may very well be currently dealing with financial problems due to COVID-19, even more crushing and long term financial debt and insecurity can occur in families because an income provider did not plan ahead for an unexpected death and the rest of the family is left to deal with an even greater financial crisis and emotional crisis simultaneously.

As we see happening currently, the unexpected can happen. With a little financial preparation, and a small expenditure now out of your stimulus check—most people don’t realize how inexpensive a term life insurance policy is—you can know that if something did happen to you, your family would not be left with another, and likely worse, financial burden that can negatively impact every aspect of their lives for years to come.

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