4 Reasons to Work with An Independent Life Insurance Agent

1. Customer Oriented

As an independent agency, we do not have allegiance or an obligation to any one company. We listen to the customer needs, budget, health information and find the best policy, at the lowest price, from the best company for your specific situation. We can help you ladder coverage, apply with multiple companies simultaneously and assist with any questions that come up during or after the application process. We are customer centric, everything we do is to strive to make the process faster and easier for you.

2. Choice of companies

Different insurance companies have different guidelines that direct their underwriting and approval process. By having a selection of over 30 companies we can shop your case around to garner offers and know the anticipated rating and premium before going through the entire application process.

3. Lower premium

Competition brings down prices. If your agent can only work with one company then you are waiving your ability to comparison shop. Let us bring company offers to you and you, the client, decides which company fits your budget and needs. Comparing companies can lead to hundreds of dollars of savings or even ultimately being approved or denied coverage. We work with over 30 companies and that brings the power of competition to benefit you.

4. Ongoing Resource

Our service does not stop after you have signed on the dotted line and the “sale” has been made. We offer annual reviews of clients’ policies. We can suggest updates to your coverage as your needs change as you progress through life’s stages. We are present and ready to assist your beneficiaries should a claim need to be made.

We shop the insurance companies, so you don’t have to. We interact with the insurance companies, so your headaches are reduced. We serve our customers, not the company. We are independent insurance agents. Let us help you get the best life insurance coverage to provide financial security for you and your family.