Life Insurance Policy in Northwest including Bellevue, Everett, Kent, Portland, Salt Lake City, Seattle, the Surrounding Areas, and Nationwide

Why Haven’t You Purchased Life Insurance?”

At CEG Life, we love to sell insurance. Finding the best coverage for our clients and keeping both them and their families are taken care of is rewarding. We’re proud to represent some of the most respected carriers in the business. By having a large pool of quality carriers, we can find the best policies at the best price for our clients. We know this kind of service will lead to long-term relationships and referrals so it’s in our best interest to assist our clients in getting what is best for them.

Life Insurance Policy in Bellevue, Portland, Salt Lake City, Seattle Unfortunately, sometimes I hear from other agents they wish they could convince more people about the security a life insurance policy provides. Only 60% of Americans have some type of life insurance policy or another and many of those are underinsured. Here is some research from both my professional experience and other agents on why some are hesitant to purchase a life insurance policy.

  1. I don’t have kids. This might change the amount of a policy, but it doesn’t change the fact that you still need at least some sort of life insurance policy. If you have a partner or spouse, chances are your living expenses are linked. And, someday either elderly parents or possibly another relative will need some sort of help either financially or with daily living. A life insurance policy could provide financing for hiring a caretaker.
  2. Life insurance costs too much. Perhaps people are getting this theory from TV or what their friends say. Either way, it’s been proven that people often think an insurance policy is five times higher than it actually is putting it much closer in their reach.
  3. I’m young and healthy. That’s great! And it will work for your benefit when it comes to the premiums. Now is a great time to get an affordable life insurance policy and lock in low rates.
  4. I don’t have a job or provide an income. But chances are do you something – childcare, manage the house, clean, shop, handle appointments and more. These are all valuable services that could be overwhelming without your assistance.
  5. I don’t know who much to get or understand all the jargon. This can be confusing. So many different advices are available from multiplying your income, taking your mortgage and adding future college costs or adding all your debt together. Riders, waivers, waiting periods, coverage exclusions. Huh? But this is why professionals such as CEG Life Insurance Services are here to help. We will take the time it takes to walk you through the options and your needs. It’s part of the personal service we offer.

We understand that getting a life insurance policy can most of all mean planning for the unthinkable which can make some people uncomfortable. We’re here to help with walking you through the steps and giving you the peace of mind of protecting your loved ones. If you still don’t feel you absolutely need a life insurance policy, give us a call so we can walk through the options and create a schedule of when to review your needs.

CEG Life Insurance Services works with numerous carriers, many that consistently appear in the top 10 insurance carrier lists, to find customers the right options, coverage, and prices. CEG Life can find life insurance policies throughout Washington State and nearby states and cities including Bellevue, Everett, Kent, Portland, Salt Lake City, and Seattle.