Get a life insurance education

At CEG Life Insurance Services there are a few ways that we seek to differentiate ourselves from being just another life insurance agency. First, as an independent agency, we focus on providing education about many life insurance companies, products, and underwriting guidelines, as well as the application process and anything else that is important for you to know before getting life insurance. To support this effort, we provide you with self-service tools and general information on our website, and will add more up to date and detailed information in future posts on this blog. Additionally, we invite and encourage you to ask any question related to getting life insurance, and we will provide you with personalized responses to those questions. Finally, we offer the simplest, fastest, and most convenient way to apply for and obtain life insurance—right here on our website.

We believe that our knowledge of life insurance products, underwriting guidelines, life insurance companies, and the life insurance application process, as well as the number of life insurance companies we can represent, will match or exceed any other online life insurance agency or individual life insurance agent. And we use all of our knowledge, experience, and company relationships to educate and benefit you.

We look forward to being of service to you.

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